Rosco Diagnostica

Rosco Diagnostica


Rosco Diagnostica is family owned danish company with more than 50 years in bacterial identification and susceptibility testing. All products are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of IVD EU 98/79 and bear the CE mark.

Rosco kits

  • Kits available for detection of resistance mechanisms (Phenotypic Methods)
  • The kits are complete with ready-to-use cartridges of the necessary combined Neo-Sensitabs or Diatabs and a guide to their use.

WHY phenotypic methods?

Phenotypic methods are useful for detection of beta-lactamases. They are non-expensive and easy to perform and interpret.

Featured products:

  • KPC and MBL confirm Kit
  • AmpC confirm Kit
  • ESBL + AmpC Screen Kit
  • Triple disk for detection of KPC+MBL
  • ESBL Confirm (acc to CLSI) Kit
  • ESBL Confirm (Chrom AmpC) Kit
  • Total ESBL Confirm Kit
  • KPC, MBL and OXA-48 Confirm Kit
  • Total Metallo-beta-lactamase Confirm Kit
  • Total ESBL+AmpC Confirm Kit
  • KPC/MBL u P.aeruginosa/Acinetobacter

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Diagnostic tablets for accurate and rapid identification of clinically relevant bacteria and yeasts.


  • Tributyrin
  • Beta-Lactamase
  • Hippurate Hydrolysis
  • Lysine Decarboxylase
  • ONPG (Beta-Galactosidase)
  • Ornithine Decarboxylase
  • Oxidase
  • Phenyl Boronic Acid
  • Dipicolonic Acid
  • Tellur

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For more info visit Rosco Diagnostica.


Antimicrobial agent is encapsulated in the tablet ensuring a homogenous and controlled release when placed on the agar.