Nourisil™ MD

Nourisil™ MD

Silicone gel for the prevention and treatment of new and old keloids, as well as excessive scarring.

Nourisil™ MD is an ultra-light, transparent, self-drying silicone gel, which has been developed for the prevention and management of new and old keloids and hypertrophic scars that result from an accident, surgery, burns, C-section, breast surgery, acne, or cuts.

Nourisil ™ MD helps to smooth scars, soften and make them smooth. It reduces itching, a feeling of discomfort on the skin, and pain and redness caused by scars. Nourisil ™ MD leaves an elegant, silky and non-greasy feeling on the skin. It can be very easily applied to scars on all parts of the skin, including the face and folds. If used in the manner prescribed, after application, a layer is formed that hydrates and protects scars


Nourisil™ MD helps to:

  • flatten, soften, and smooth raised scars
  • relieve itching associated with scars
  • reduce redness and discoloration
  • prevent abnormal and excessive scar formation
  • It contains a unique blend of five silicones and vitamin E to maintain the skin’s moisture balance while reducing the scar.

Benefits of Nourisil™ MD

  • Forms an invisible layer that hydrates and protects scars
  • Sun blocks and cosmetics can be applied afterwards
  • Easy to apply onto scars on all areas of the skin, including the face and joints, once the skin is intact
  • Suitable for use on all skin types and on children

Nourisil™ MD should be applied twice daily once the wound has closed. The recommended duration of treatment is 60-90 days. For larger or older scars, longer treatment may be required.

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