Food safety diagnostics

Food safety diagnostics

Tests and consumables for quality control of food and feed

High quality diagnostics solutions for quality control of food and feed which includes mycotoxins, food pathogens, food allergens, gluten, GMO, veterinary drug residues, melamine, and enzymatic food analysis.

Test kits:

  • Test kits for mycotoxins
  • Test kits za allergens
  • Test kits za GMO
  • Test kits for pathogens
  • Test kits for quality control of meat and meat products
  • Test kits for melamin


Reference materials:

  • Mycotoxin reference materials
  • Food Allergen reference materials
  • Residue reference materials – internal standards and calibrants
  • Contaminant reference materials
  • Plant toxins reference materials


Cleanup columns for Mycotoxins:

  • MycoSep® Cleanup Columns
  • MultiSep® Cleanup Columns
  • MycoSpin® Cleanup Columns
  • Immunoaffinity Columns – StarlineTM


Mills for Grinding and Sub-sampling

Hygiene Monitoring – Simple On-Site Hygiene Testing

Surface Sampling Solutions

Check-Sample-Survey (CSS) for mycotoxins and food allergens