Food supplements

Food supplements

Recognizing the importance of prevention, as the best way to preserve overall health, Uni-Chem has recently included in its offer the latest generation of dietary supplements.

Aware that the efficiency and quality of all available minerals and vitamins on the market is not the same and that depends on many factors such as the quality of raw materials, forms of vitamins and minerals in products and that the goal of every dietary product is to meet maximum absorption and bioavailability, we choose exclusively those products that have a strictly scientific basis and certification.

The brands we represent are:



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NordAid Liposomal vitamin C

NordAid Lipozomalni C vitamin

NordAid Oral vitamin D3 spray, 4000 IU

NordAid vitamin D3 4000 IU oralni sprej

NordAid Boulardii + Probiotics for throat

NordAid Boulardii+Lactobacilli za grlo

Art of Nature Mastiha capsules 100%

Art of Nature Mastiha 100%

Art of Nature Mastiha chewable tablets

Art of Nature tablete za žvakanje

Biosil Vegetarian Capsules